Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is a condition where scar tissue builds up in the erectile tissue in the penis, which can lead to penile bending or deformity. The cause of PD is not completely understood, but most think it is due to repetitive trauma during intercourse when the penis is not completely erect which can cause buckling and eventually lead to scar tissue (fibrosis) and curvature. Many patients with PD may also have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).


Curvature of the penis, pain with erections, a lump inside the penis, penile shortening or narrowing. Treatments for PD will typically have to wait until the pain subsides. Some curvature will improve on its own, but it is common for the curvature to stay the same or get worse.


  • Non- Surgical
    • Unfortunately, there is no good data to support oral medications to treat PD.
    • Traction therapy is non-invasive and uses stretches to improve curvature. There are traction devices you can order and use at home to preserve penile length and can sometimes reduce curvature.
    • Another non-surgical treatment is an injection to break up the scar tissue, known as Xiaflex (collagenase). This is a good option for men without Erectile Dysfunction, and can be administered in the office and can disrupt plaques.
  • Surgical
    • There are several surgical options to correct curvature, and some men will benefit from having a penile prosthesis (IPP). We will be able to evaluate your symptoms and help determine the best approach to help. Please bring your list of medications to your visit.